Family fun and the leap of faith - Ziptrek

The sprawling mountain ranges and stretching lakes of Queenstown make for an unbeatable backdrop. And what better way to take it all in, then from the canopy high in the mountains? 

This is the Ziptrek eco tour, a fun adventure for the whole family. And one of the best ways to get into nature, catch the view and get your blood pumping.

After climbing a mountain track, you will find the eco base nestled amongst the treetops. You will meet the awesome guides and get a safety briefing. Then, its time to walk or run the plank and leap out over the treetops. Bursting into the clearing with your heart racing. You will get an eagle eye view of the fantastic landscape. 

Another great thing about this experience is that the intensity level is completely up to you. You can stick to smaller lines, perfect for enjoying the view. Or throw your arms wide and tackle it upside down.  

The guides will also throw out challenges for the more daring. The most testing would have to be the fall of faith. Where you stand on a small ledge and turn around the wrong way. Then, you will close your eyes and cross your arms over your chest. This is the moment of truth, as you free falls backwards. Your heart will be in your throat, but the rope will always be there to catch you. This is one of the safest experiences out there.  

Upon finishing the course, you are sure to be on top of the world - sporting a natural high. Not to mention, a newfound connection to nature and greater appreciation of the stunning landscape.  

AdventureScott Bidmead