A spiritual journey – Lisong Hotspring

A trip to Lisong Hotspring is a truly spiritual experience that will linger with you for years to come. The journey is also a great life lesson, as the arduous trek will reward you with a truly natural wonder.

You begin on an unsuspecting road, standing at the mouth of a thin mud trail winding into the jungle. Twisting and turning, it traces the mountain to the bottom and is marked out by stakes and a lineof rope.

Put on a pair of gloves and prepare for the decent, as you make your way down the vertical path holding onto the rope. It is not for the unfit as you have to keep a solid pace while watching your every step. The guide’s dogs will follow you down, providing moral support and making it look way too easy.

But the true test comes in the final chapter, as you reach a near verti- cal rock face. The only way down is backwards, holding onto various lengths of rope for support. Touching down on the ground, take a quick break in a clearing nestled among the mountains before heading on.

After wading through water and climbing rocks, you finally arrive and the sheer beauty of Lisong Hotspring is sure to stop you inyour tracks.

It is a natural phenomenon and easily the most beautiful natural hot spring in Taiwan. Thousands of years of mineral deposits have turned the rock into a tapestry of colors and varied formations. From deep green hues to whites and reds, all swirled together and painted across the surrounding walls.

Watch as steam rises and hot-spring water bubbles and spits from the canyon walls. You can also lie in the shallow pool or stand under the rock for a hot spring shower. There is even a shovel left for you to dig out your own deeper spring or trench.

Now, all there is to do it lay back in the rich hot spring look up at the sky and breath. It feels as if nothing else in the world matters and you can really shut off - listening to the sound of the dripping water and watching leaves spiral down from the canopy.

You are sure to reconnect with nature and feel touched by the natural wonder. You might even come away with some life lessons. Lisong is so much more than just another hot spring.

It is moments like these that help you realize the importance of staying in the moment. It is easy to work towards a goal without truly appreciating it when you get there. The key is to enjoy the journey, climbs, challenges and all and remember that the key is to live in your present experiences and the now. This lesson is communicated experts by Eckhart Tolle in his first bestseller – the power of now. The book speaks about the importance of the present moment and teaches you how to find it in day to day life. To quickly summaries the main points of the book: 

In the chapter "You Are Not Your Mind," you'll learn: What being present means, how you can reach that state, and how it will help you be more aware of the things you do and why you do them.

                            In the chapter "Consciousness - The Way Out of Pain," you'll learn: Personal pain and suffering are created in the mind by identifying yourself with the past or longing for the future, instead of just being in the moment.

                            In the chapter "Moving Deeply Into the Now," you'll learn: Not to identify yourself with your problems (your "ego"). When you do that, you'll never be rid of them, because then the loss of problems will mean the loss of self.

                            In the chapter "The Inner Body," you'll learn: How to use your body as way to keep you present in the moment, and how to truly listen to someone else without being in your own head.

                        In the chapter "Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness There Is Peace," you'll learn: That you can feel peace without feeling happiness, and that the source of drama in your life can be traced back to the lack of acceptance.

WellbeingScott Bidmead